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Double the Kitchen Output,
Half the Labour


Jasen is an automated grill designed to replace the grill section in a commercial kitchen and can cook in excess of 300 steaks or other proteins per service including chicken, pork, lamb, sturdy fish the limit is up to the chef's imagination.



Being fully automated the product aims to reduce labour by one or more chefs per service providing much-needed relief for understaffed kitchens and delivering massive labour savings.


Jasen has 16 individual sous vide baths, to cook up to 16 different precise temperatures and timings allowing for rare - well-done steaks or other proteins and a robotic arm that sears the steak on a traditional grill.

Chefs in Action

Commercial kitchens across the world are screaming out for chefs.


There are more food operations than ever before, yet fewer new chefs coming through the ranks. It is rare to find a kitchen that is fully staffed.


Working as a chef is hard work, being constantly uderstaffed is harder. In understaffed kitchens, chefs get stressed and over-worked, which leads to staff turnover and inconsistency in the kitchen, ultimately leading to lost customers and high wage bills.

Kitchintel is here to help. We exist to solve the problem of chronically understaffed kitchens, by automating and semi-automating complex kitchen processes.

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We are Raising Capital

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Jasen by Kitchintel has been designed as a collaboration between an Executive Chef and a process automation specialist. The aim is to reduce labour as well as increase speed and consistency during service.

Manufacturers drawings have been created and vetted by electrical and mechanical engineers. We are in discussions with two universtites to produce the proto-type and have a provisional patent in place. Market validation has been sought from a casino, a large stadium, function centres and pub / hotel chains. We are currently pre-revenue. We are raising capital to fund the prototype and inital production. Once the prototype is produced it will be placed into the kitchen of one of our target clients with an imbedded staff member to document how it can replace the current process.



Kitchintel exists to solve one problem. The chronic understaffing of commercial kitchens. We will do this by automating and semi-automating complex commercial kitchen processes

Business Objectives

With our intitial capital raise we intend to have the prototype produced and operational in a key target client kitchen. We will embed a staff member with the machine to work with the venue to maximise the machines utility and deliver the promise of reducing labour. Once the machine has been thoroughly tested we will create production schematics, software programming for integration with point of sale and commence production. Our vision is to target North America, Europe and Australia. We have commenced discussions with manufactures in Australia and North America to produce the machine.



Across North America, Europe and Australia food venue operators are reporting staff shortages and are struggling to hire chefs and cooks. Industry insiders see this challenge persisting as market expansion exceeds workforce growth.


The demand for restaurant automation technology is on the rise. In the last 3 years US based companies in this space have raised over $600 million in the with SoftBank and Khosla Ventures investing in Zume, Bear Robotics, and Cafe X, all robotics start ups for the hospitality industry. While most of the new technology is focused on fully automating very simple kitchen procedures, Kitchintel sees an opportunity working alongside chefs in a more realistic and complex kitchen environment.



Bradley Backhouse Headshot.jpg

Bradley Backhouse


Bradley Backhouse is a trained Chef. He has extensive skills and experience in management in the food sector, and has developed a profitable recruitment business.


Justin Senkevics

Product Manager

Justin Senkevics is an electrician by trade with a background in process automation and CAD drafting. For the past 10 years has been working in technical sales.

Gary Carvill.jpeg

Gary Carvill

Digital Marketing

Gary's professional experience comprises 12+ years of marketing & sales roles in hospitality, insurance and ecommerce in Europe and Australia. With over a decade's worth of experience in marketing and scaling hospitality businesses

MIke Avey 1.jfif

Mike Avey


Mike Avey has years of commercialisation, finance, and the marketing and sales of innovative product companies and is the founder of Pachira Capital

Don Backhouse 1.jfif

Don Backhouse


Don Backhouse is an experienced business professional with significant experience incorporate banking and the management and development of high value key clients.

Joanna Headshot Edit 1.jpg

Joanna Iskandar

Mechanical Engineer

Joanna Iskandar is a mechanical engineer with over a decade experience in maintenance and systems

Christo Hall.jfif

Christo Hall

Marketing Advisor

Christo Hall is a renowned marketing strategist, author of 2 number one international best-selling marketing books and regular feature expert across the media including TED, The Today Show, 2UE and Virgin Inflight

A Snow.jfif

Andrew Snow


Andrew Snow is an advisor with the Advisory Board Centre experienced in helping businesses to scale and maximise efficiency.



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